Dyson DC07 vs DC25 Ball Vacuum Cleaner

When looking for a new vacuum cleaner it can be hard once you have narrowed it down to two or three machines, which one to then settle on. If you have got the DC07 Dyson Vacuum and the DC25 Ball to choose between here is why we have come to the conclusion that the DC25 is the best of the two.

Dyson DC07 vs DC25


The attachment tools when you compare the two are quite different. With the DC07 you have to unplug and plug in but the DC25 has a telescoping pole so all you have to do is elongate it out and clean into those hard to reach places without the need to stretch and pull a back muscle or bend over all the time. It is easy to put together with just 3 clicks. Some consumers have said the picture guiding you how to fit the wand on didn’t work but just turn it to the other side and it should snap on just fine.

It is not uncommon for vacuum cleaners to come with hand tools or attachments that are never used or do not work very well. For the DC25 Ball though this is not the case. It is easy to take out and use reaching things like cobwebs up high, into cracks on the floors, corners on the rooms, and into furniture crevices. It has very good suction and takes little effort to use.


Another factor we like about the Dyson DC25 is that at less than 12 pounds it is light, portable, easy to put away on the closest and get back out again, and easy to carry up and down stairs. There are also some very nice features like the low profile cleaning head so you can reach under areas other cleaners can’t like cupboards and beds without having to hunch over.


Both have great suction, it is something you usually can expect to get with a Dyson cleaner. The cleaning power of both is effective but what was great about the DC25 Ball was it was very effective with pet hair even though it is not sold as a pet cleaner, and it picks up a lot more dust and dirt that other cleaners will leave behind.


dyson-dc25-ballThe ball feature may take a bit of getting used to but it is absolutely worth getting. With it you can reach places you normally cannot, it has great maneuverability thanks to its inventive design and is easy to use. Turning, going round corners and moving around objects is so much smoother and easier. Give it a few tries before you judge it, once you are used to the motion we are sure you enjoy this feature.


If there could be some improvements made to the DC25 it would be to have a better stair attachment for doing the stairs. The one they have is not as wide as many would like to speed up the whole chore. You can get a separate attachment that is wider but you have to pay for it of course, it does not come with the cleaner. Also if you decide to do the stairs without the attachment it gets awkward hiking up the machine each step because of its design.


If budget is a big factor the DC25 Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner may not be the best choice, it is quite expensive but most Dyson cleaners are. However it comes with some really good points, no need to replace bags, less allergens on the home, more effective cleaning to name a few. If you have the money to spend it is definitely one we would recommend.