Shark Rocket TruePet Review

Shark Rocket TruePet Review

For pet owners who want a vacuum cleaner that can handle pet hair and is also a two in one machine being a handheld and an upright in one, the Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light HV322 may be the right machine for you. It is well balanced, it is light weight being under 8 pounds and this means no wrist problems or shoulder problems making it suitable for people of all ages and strength.

This is an easy to use 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner, you can clean your carpets and floors and then switch to using a handheld to do the furniture, car or stairs! With this machine you do not need two separate machines or even a feather duster. This works great on cobwebs or cleaning curtains, or doing spot clean ups when your 3 year old drops the cheerios. Shark Rocket TruePet cleaners are easy to handle and some of its features make it a good contender versus other top machines from Dyson and other popular manufacturers.


As mentioned it is lightweight, half the weight if Dyson’s lightest full sized cleaner. It also comes with swivel steering so it is very easy to maneuver too. Being bagless there is no changing bags or having to remember to buy replacements when you are out. The dust cup is easy to empty just with one hand over the trash and when it needs to be cleaned that is also easy to do. The filters it has are washable too so no replacement filters to buy.



To take off the cleaner head it is very easy, just a foot pedal to press and you can turn your cleaner into a handheld with a long wand attached to reach up high. It comes with several useful features and attachments, like a pet hair tool, a dusting brush, a crevice tool and the brush roll is motorized. It even comes with a genie attachment which has a washable microfiber cloth good for cleaning laminate and wood floors. So whether you have pet hair to pick up, furniture to dust, curtains to clean or carpets and hardwood flooring, there should be something there to make that task easier.


While the brush roll does not have the option to be completely turned off you can lower its speed so when you switch from one type of floor to another there should not be any problems. The low speed is for bare floors and delicate rugs and high speed is for carpeted areas. As well as more flexibility when it comes to floor cleaning it comes with headlights that work on each speed setting so you can see better and make sure you get it all cleaned up. This is great for dark places like under furniture, beds and in dark corners. You also have an LED light on the handheld part, it will switch on automatically when it the power is switched on. If you are looking for more vacuum cleaners for stairs, check out this guide on the best vacuum for stairs.


People who bought the Shark TruePet vacuum cleaner were satisfied to very happy with their purchase for the most part. They say it is effective on pet hair as it advertises and some say even if you have long haired pet – plural – this machine is still able to keep up with it.